CAMARA in Imagine-B5G Open Call #1.

CAMARA, which stands for Extending IMAGINE-B5G framework & facilities is a Platform Extension from Fingletek Oy. It is one of 15 projects that were selected for the first Open Call of Imagine-B5G.

This initiative focuses on improving the IMAGINE-B5G platform by integrating and developing the CAMARA API seamlessly. The IMAGINE-B5G platform forms the base, and by integrating the CAMARA API, our goal is to expand its capabilities. This integration will lead to a more powerful and adaptable system, enhancing performance and usability within the realm of 5G communication technologies.

This extension is designed to leverage the existing capabilities of the framework while introducing advanced functionalities that are essential for the evolving needs of Beyong 5G (B5G) networks and their users. The primary goal of this extension is to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the B5G framework, user experience, and overall performance, without adding unnecessary complexity to the system. The CAMARA API aims to enhance the performance of the IMAGINE-B5G platform in pivotal domains including enhanced localization of devices and resources, device identification retrieval, status updates, and resource availability and allocation. By bolstering these areas, the API endeavors to create a platform that is more robust, agile, and user-centric, catering to application developers engaging with the IMAGINE-B5G ecosystem.

The proposed solution will impact IMAGINE-B5G in different ways: 

  • At the Management level the CAMARA API implementation demonstrates more efficient management of platform resources by providing standardized interfaces for external access. Key value indicators showing improvement:
    1. – A reduction in manual efforts for external developer onboarding through self-service API access;
    2. – An improvement in asset utilization through enhanced device tracking and monitoring;
    3. – And Faster realization of new use cases through rapid API integration.
  • At the Societal level by expanding platform access to vertical industries, the project plans to enable innovative services potentially improving quality of life. Relevant key value indicators include: the number of new vertical use cases and applications enabled; projections for increased convenience, safety, health impacts based on new use cases.
  • At the Technical level, the validation demonstrates applicability of the implemented API functionality for meeting 5G standards around efficiency, flexibility and security, including: the number of 5G-compliant interfaces implemented; and improvement in interoperability with standards-based 5G components.
  • Finally, in Vertical Area(s), the open API approach attracts vertical solution providers for innovative implementations, supporting growth of 5G ecosystem, including the: number of new vertical partners connected through APIs; number of new digital solutions conceptualized through early access.

This project has already started its work in the IMAGINE-B5G first open call. If you want to learn more about this and the other selected projects stay tuned to our website and our social media channels.

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