Advanced 5g technologies

Imagine Beyond 5G

The evolution of mobile telecom networks Beyond-5G (B5G) creates a tremendous opportunity for Europe to establish leadership in innovation by addressing the requirements of use cases from several sectors





Expected Impact

The IMAGINE-B5G E2E facility will fuel testing and experimentation of core technologies and architectures, facilitating innovative services and businesses, and become a key enabler for future B5G vertical services and applications. 

The IMAGINE-B5G project expect to have a huge impact world-wide among vertical industries by: 

  • equipping European verticals with facilities that will increase their ability for innovation, digitalisation, and driving European economies; 
  • deploying concurrent trials which will serve to prove that operators are able to deliver on the stringent technical requirements of new B5G/6G applications;
  • using its pilots with verticals and cross-vertical industries to demonstrate Europe’s B5G evolution and leadership in advanced 5G technologies and architectures; 
  • preparing and maximising widespread acceptance and adoption by end-users of B5G solutions in European economies.
About Us

IMAGINE-B5G, a Smart Network and Services (SNS) Project, aims to implement an advanced, accessible, secure, and programmable end-to-end (E2E) 5G platform for large-scale trials and pilots in Europe by leveraging the best breed of B5G features. The project has already shortlisted seven verticals and corresponding stakeholders related to: 



Ensuring the safety and well-being of the public in times of crisis through effective protection and relief efforts.



5G technology revolutionizes the media landscape with enhanced speed and connectivity.



Enabling innovative educational experiences through increased connectivity and improved online learning opportunities.


Smart Agriculture & Forestry

5G enables networks for precision farming and sustainable forest management.



5G powering the future of eHealth with reliable, high-speed connectivity for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.


Transportation & Logistics

5G revolutionizes transportation and logistics with its high speed and low latency capabilities.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 transforms traditional manufacturing into a smart, automated, and interconnected system.

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