Open Calls

1st Open Call

In the first open call, third parties are invited to present proposals:

  • to test and validate their novel vertical applications through pilots and trials on the IMAGINE-B5G facilities (projects periods of up to 12 months and a budget of up to €100.000), for one partner or €140.000 for two partners (broken down as follows: Coordinator €80.000 and partner €60.000);
  • to provide novel features through HW and SW extensions to the IMAGINE-B5G facilities thanks to the openness of the platform (projects periods of up to 18 months and a budget of up to €150.000), for one partner or €200.000 for two partners (broken down as follows: Coordinator €125.000 and partner €75.000);
In the first open call, third parties are invited to present proposals:


Preparation and submission process

Proposal Preparation

  • Proposals need to define which IMAGINE-B5G facility they will be using/extending.
  • To ensure that the proposed experiments or extensions are feasible on the selected facility,  each proposal will first go through an Feasibility check  which will be done up to 2 weeks in advance to the proposal submission, with the corresponding facility owner, and any proposal without a valid feasibility check approval will be disqualified.
  • The applicants will fill in the feasibility check template and send an email to the open call mailing list with this template. IMAGINE-B5G will then carry out the evaluation of the feasibility and will get in touch with the applicants if more information is needed. The process can take 7-10 days. IMAGINE-B5G will then send the result of the feasibility check to the applicant. If the feasibility check is approved, the applicants will upload the result of the feasibility check along with the proposal to the submission portal.

Submission Stage

  • An online submission system will be set up for the proposal submission.  (See specific open call page for details)
  • All proposals must be submitted by the stated open-call deadline.
  • Deadline closes on September 1st, 17:00 Brussels time.

Evaluation of the Proposals 

  • Each Project will be evaluated by a team of internal and external evaluators. This team will be appointed based on the expertise of the evaluators on the topic, while avoiding any conflict of interest.

Ranking of the proposals 

  • Ranking will be based on a scoring system across criteria excellence, impact, value and implementation.
  • The project will implement two ranking lists in order to fund two categories of stakeholders, including SMEs, scaleups and start-ups, and other (Academia, research, etc.) projects at 50% / 50% of budget.
  • Distribute the top ranked projects (starting from the SME list) to the facilities based on the specified number of open call users each facility can support.
  • To ensure a balanced portfolio covering as many strategic sectors as possible, grants will be awarded to proposals not only in order of ranking but also considering broad coverage of different sectors. The sectors that are not covered by higher ranked proposals can be prioritised given that the proposals for theses sectors attain all required thresholds. 

Submission of Proposals

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Open Call Results

Imagine-B5G’s first Open Call summed up 64 submissions, divided into two different types of projects – platform extensions (PE) or vertical experiments (VE), and with the possibility of applying to four different facilities – Norway, Spain, Portugal and France, and was able to fund 15 projects.