Meet Imagine-B5G’s Facilities: The Portuguese Facility.

The Portuguese Facility brings together four institutions: Instituto de Telecomunicações (ITAV), Altice Labs (ALB), Capgemini (CAP), and Ubiwhere (UBW); and features a platform that exploits a rich set of capabilities and characteristics that go beyond the mere aggregation of equipment. The overall infrastructure features both commercial-graded and research-graded solutions, a city-wide deployment, and open-labs to provide a real-life environment for developing, integrating, and testing novel solutions for 5G and beyond-5G technologies.

The facility is geographically distributed in the Aveiro area and features various 5G Stand-Alone (SA) indoor and outdoor sites as well as edge deployments spanning over various locations:

  • Outdoor Site at the Aveiro Seaport
    • Multiple antennas and different RAN solutions
    • Ideal for Smart Ports, and Transportation & Logistics use cases
  • Outdoor Sites in the Aveiro City
    • Includes integration with sensors and edge processing capabilities
    • Ideal for any urban, people and interaction-related scenarios
  • Indoor Sites at the premises of ITAV & ALB
    • Multiple antennas and different RAN solutions
    • Ideal for development and validation of early proof-of-concepts
  • Indoor Site at an electrical substation within the campus of the University of Aveiro
    • Single antenna deployment of different RAN solutions
    • Ideal for energy-related use cases 
  • Indoor location in an Industrial environment
    • Multiple antennas with an edge Local Breakout (LBO) and support for edge-hosted apps

The facility includes resources with very distinct characteristics over a multi-domain deployment, creating an ideal environment for technological innovation and validation. This will allow you to develop initial concepts in a more flexible environment and validate more mature solutions in commercial-alike deployments.

  • Fully functional and validated indoor/outdoor 5G SA infrastructure.
  • Multiple technologies and solutions are available including various 5G Core and RAN deployments.
  • Edge computing solutions including LBO deployments.
  • Ideal for exploring multidomain and federation as well as Public Network Integrated Non-Private Networks (PNI-NPN)
  • Support for hosting third-party virtualized and containerized network and vertical applications.
  • Testing environments for developers to validate their services and network applications.
  • Monitoring solutions to extract relevant information from your trials.
  • Support for experimentation and development in technology, connectivity, and urban Intelligence.

The facility is open for experimentation, and we are looking forward to working with you in developing and integrating 5G and beyond-5G technologies (platform extensions) and leveraging them for realising novel and interesting use cases (vertical experiments).

The Portuguese facility welcomes the opportunity to co-create value-added use cases and extend the facility with the Open Call partners.

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