Meet Imagine-B5G’s Facilities: The Spanish Facility.

The Spanish facility is one of the four facilities within the IMAGINE-B5G platform, with advanced 5G capabilities for the execution of vertical trials and pilots. The facility is composed of several environments where many use cases can be performed:

  • UPV university campus that covers 620.000 m², hosting almost 30.000 students, in addition to an immersive laboratory.
  • Valencia maritime port that is the 4th maritime port in Europe in terms of traffic volume and the 1st in the Mediterranean Sea in import, export and transshipment operations.
  • Rural site in a small village in Soria, that covers an agriculture area, and it is fully powered by renewable energy.

Throughout the facility it will be possible to validate and experiment with advanced 5G equipment, while developing new services and applications for the main verticals of interest, but open to any others that fit our facility: media, transportation and logistics, education, PPDR and smart agriculture and forestry.

The main features available to work on in the facility are:

  • Sub-6GHz and mmW frequency bands, enabling low latency and high throughput networks to be used, through commercial Nokia radio equipment.
  • Multiple 5G cores are available (Open5Gs, Open5Gcore and Cumucore).
  • Multi Edge Computing capabilities, through Nokia AirFrame Open Edge Server installed in each site, where it can be possible to deploy Network Functions or applications.
  • Network slicing End-to-End (E2E) is available from the radio through 5G core to the transport layer thanks to the SDN-based router, where multiple slices can be configured and allocated guaranteeing and specific quality of service.
  • Interconnection between the UPV and Valencia port private 5G network and Telefonica 5G public network, though Public Network Integrated – Non-Public Network (PNI-NPN). This will allow us to perform trials where a user is connected to the UPV network and move to the port of Valencia without losing connectivity thanks to the Telefonica public network.
  • Monitoring of the energy consumption of each piece of equipment through IoT sensors, in addition to real-time monitoring of the energy generated and stored in the batteries of the rural site 100% powered by renewable energy.
  • To maintain continuity in the execution of applications deployed on-premise and move those workloads to the cloud, there is an Amazon Web Services Edge server at UPV, enabling cloud continuum capabilities.
  • API support, through services such as Nokia’s Network as a Code (NaC), or CAPIF, standardized in 3GPP. IT will be a centralized server with NaC y CAPIF, through which certain services can be exposed to third parties (e.g., creation of new PLMNs, creation of new slices, radio status information, application and network KPIs reports, etc.), where any vertical can use them in their experiments and validations.
  • The immersive laboratory located at UPV provides a unique environment in the field of holographic, telepresence and haptic communications, and where high-performance equipment such as TV cameras, LEDwall, chroma key, cockpits, VR and XR glasses, haptic gloves, etc., makes an ideal environment in which to develop applications and services beyond 5G applying it to educational and media verticals among others.


The Spanish facility is open to innovation and the development of services, equipment, and applications in various verticals that facilitate development beyond 5G.


Find more information about the Spanish facility at

The Spanish facility welcomes the opportunity to co-create value-added use cases and extend the facility with the Open Call partners.

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