ADAPT-G in Imagine-B5G Open Call #1.

ADAPT-G, is a Vertical Experiment for the IMAGINE-B5G Spanish test-facility from the partners ETRAIR and XR Factory. It is one of 15 projects that were selected for the first Open Call of Imagine-B5G.

ETRA AIR and XRFactory have joined together in the “ADAPT-G” experiment, aimed at revolutionising port surveillance through the integration of our technologies, including drones, augmented reality (AR) devices, and 5G communications.

The primary objective of this experiment is to develop an advanced and integrated surveillance system, enabling real-time monitoring of port accesses, restricted areas, and potential security threats. The experiment holds significant promise in enhancing port security, streamlining access monitoring, and optimising operational efficiency at the esteemed Port of Valencia. The project aims to revolutionise port surveillance through the integration of technologies such as drones, augmented reality (AR) devices, and 5G communications.

The proposed solution will impact IMAGINE-B5G in different ways: 

  • Management level: Leverages advanced 5G features, such as network slicing Network APIs to manage resources. This allows for remote and dynamic configuration of the network parameters, which reduces the operational costs and improves the efficiency of the data transmission.
  • Societal level: The project integrates technology to ensure safety while aligning with societal values. Emphasising privacy preservation, it strikes a balance between security and personal freedoms. Robust data security measures prioritise the confidentiality and integrity of information. Transparency and accountability are central, with clear protocols and public disclosure. Community engagement and consent are encouraged, fostering trust and alignment with monitored individuals’ values and expectations.
  • Technical level: By integrating advanced technologies, the experiment promises to significantly enhance the port’s surveillance capabilities, providing real-time monitoring of critical access points and restricted areas. The system’s automation of access verification and intrusion detection reduces reliance on manual processes, streamlining surveillance operations and increasing overall accuracy, using advanced 5G features, such as network slicing and ultra-reliable low-latency communication, to ensure that the data transmission and processing meet the requirements of the PPDR applications.
  • Vertical Area(s): Vertical experiments are designed under the same use case “Advanced Surveillance” in maritime ports. The use cases and scenarios of vertical experiments are related to enhanced Mobile Broadband, massive Machine Type Communications and Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications.

This project has already started its work in the IMAGINE-B5G first open call. If you want to learn more about this and the other selected projects stay tuned to our website and our social media channels.

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