TKI team visits UPV to work on the OC1 Vertical Experiment DEMOCRATS

TKI team, carrying out one of the vertical experiments (DEMOCRATS: eDgE platforM fOr dynamiC xR applicATionS) funded in the first open-call of IMAGINE-B5G, arrived and started the integration of their multi-user, edge/cloud-based XR platform with the UPV Campus 5G network.

The demo application is a rocket league-like XR game for Hololens 2 headsets, where small remote-controlled cars play with a virtual ball in an immersive/augmented environment. Some bugs also joined the team during the trip, but most of them have been debugged by Wednesday.

Rendering is split between the XR devices and GPU-powered edge servers, therefore the network connection directly affects the user experience. Connections are up, components are running, the first remote rendered video stream from the edge server via UPV’s B5G network has reached the Hololens 2 device and been displayed successfully.

Next steps target latency, jitter and bandwidth measurements, and the analysis of their impact on the user experience in different scenarios. Exciting discussions have also started on a multi-user student XR competition… and of course on the final trial.


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